Three People Scuba Diving in a pool


We take pride in offering this main stream activity for individuals of all abilities.

We offer the “Try SCUBA Program” at no cost to allow individuals with disabilities to try SCUBA diving in a controlled environment. Those typically qualifying for this program can include veterans and other individuals who have amputations, Spinal injuries PTSD, Hyper Vigilance, MS, MD, diabetes. sight loss, deafness, transverse myelitis, etc. All that’s needed is a medical release from your doctor and a personal waiver.

Additional training is available for those who want to become certified SCUBA divers.


Once the certification is complete, an individual can join the other divers in the many local outings and trips to exotic places. Our adaptive divers have traveled with us to the Florida Keys, U.S. Virgin Islands and Cayman over the last few years.

In presenting this program, Western New York Adaptive Water Sports partners with Phoenix SCUBA and Water Sports who provide the trained and certified staff and support necessary to make the experience safe, fun, and exciting. Phoenix SCUBA is the only facility in Western New York to offer these programs with one of the largest trained adaptive instructor staffs in upstate New York.