waterskiReservations call: (716) 364-8219



Our adaptive waterski program was started in 2005 after a donation of a 19 foot power boat.

ski2Typically, we meet one or two Saturdays a month during the summer months. All participants must reserve a spot. If you would like to see what we do, join us at Gallagher beach.

All new participants are required to fill out a release form and pass a water safety check. The check just ensures that the participant is able to upright themselves in the water, upon being overturned, which is bound to happen. To ensure safety we have a chase jet ski that follows the boat and assists when the participant falls.

ski1We have two adaptive options: waterskiing and tubing. The ski has a few adjustments to accommodate most circumstances. This requires the participant to be fairly independent and have reasonable reaction speeds. The tube is much simpler. There is the option to have another person on the tube, if need be.

Both options include help from our volunteers in transferring, equipment setup and instruction. If there is particular interest in this event, we are willing to help develop skills in order to participate in tournaments and larger waterskiing events.

Come check us out.